The UNESCO International Commission On Education for the 21st Century identified four key lifewide ‘pillars’ of learning required for the new millennium:

  • Learning to live together;
  • Learning to know;
  • Learning to do; and
  • Learning to be.

Subsequently, a fifth pillar was added:

  • Learning to transform oneself and Society.

Learning needed for this new generation requires much more than knowledge alone. Graduates of today are entering work and living environments of rapid change and increasing uncertainty. An academic qualification is not enough to prepare students for the unimaginable adjustments they must make within their future professional and personal lives.

Schools and universities are therefore now being asked to cover not one but five pillars of learning so that students graduate with a piece of paper AND a personality that is enriched with self-belief, purpose, resilience and community engagement.

The International Association For Lifewide Learning (IAFLL) promotes any form of learning and activity that nurtures the holistic formation of students. In particular, the Association encourages students to set lifewide goals and then actively self-manage progress. As a means of supporting students towards achievement of their personal goals, the Association also encourages educators to make available structured mentoring programs.

The official Certificate of Incorporation for the Association may be viewed at Structure Incorporation Certificate

To foster networking between educators with regard to lifewide learning, regular International Conferences On Learning And Community Enrichment (ICOLACE) have been held since 2010 (Visit the link ICOLACE to view proceedings from previous conferences and information regarding next conference).