How to Join ?

The International Association For Lifewide Learning (IAFLL) promotes any form of learning and activity that nurture the holistic formation of students. In particular, the Association:

  •  facilitates networking between educators involved in lifewide learning;
  •  nurtures students to set lifewide goals and actively self-manage progress; and
  •  convenes regular International Conferences On Learning And Community Enrichment (ICOLACE) events to encourage research and sharing of ideas and experiences with regard to lifewide learning.

Membership of the IAFLL is free for both educators and students.

Membership is for an indefinite period; however, members can resign from the Association at any time by sending an email to

Personal information regarding members will not be circulated to anyone without prior approval.

To join, please EITHER download form and, when completed, email to OR click on the ‘Online Registration’ link below and submit application form now.”

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