What we do:  The International Association For Lifewide Learning (IAFLL) is a voluntary organization established to:

  • encourage students to set lifewide goals and actively self-manage progress;
  • facilitate networking between educators involved in holistic learning; and
  • convene ICOLACE events.

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5th ICOLACE Conference to be held in 2018

The 5th International Conference On Learning And Community Enrichment (ICOLACE) will be held in 2018. The proceedings from previous conferences may be viewed in the ICOLACE links on this Website. Theme for the 2018 gathering will be "Framweorks that nurture students to self-manage their lifewide personal development." Further information regarding the conference is available at www.iafll.org/icolace5-notice/ or email contact to admin@iafll.org
View Notice for 5th ICOLACE Conference

Committee for 2017/2018
Committee members for 2017/2018 were elected at the Annual General Meeting. Profiles of key committee members are included further below on this page.

Annual General Meeting 2017
The 2017 Annual General Meeting for the International Association ForLifewide Learning (IAFLL) was held on Thursday 5 October 2017 together with associated online communications. Elections were held for Committee positions for the coming year. Minutes from the 2017 Annual General Meeting including current Committee members may be downloaded from this Website. Further information regarding the Association is available by contacting admin@iafll.org

Committee membership for year ended 30 June 2017

Mr.Chris Picone
Profession : Senior Manager, Office of Vice President Academic Affairs, Australian College of Kuwait
Prof. Norman Jackson
Senior Vice President
Emeritas Professor and Founder of Lifewide Education UK as well as Creative Academic, United Kingdom
Mrs. Andrea Gadon
Public Officer
Teacher, Sacred Heart College, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Mr. Leigh Clark
Retired educator, Burnie, Tasmania, Australia
Dr. Paramita Atmodiwirjo
Senior Lecturer, Department of Architecture, Universitas Indonesia, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Mr. Ian Munday
Honorary Auditor
Manager, Mental Health Services, Mental and Statewide Services, Tasmanian Health Service, Tasmania, Australia.
Mr Deepak Bastola
Vice President and National Coordinator for Nepalese Members
Director - Program, Saurya International School/College, Kathmandu, Nepal
Samina Chaudhry
Committee Member
Director Quality Assurance, University of Islamabad, Bahria Golf Town, Islamabad, Pakistan
Mr Arcie Mallari
Committee Member
Founder/ Executive Director, SilidAralanInc, Philippines
Mr Yadab Giri
Committee Member
President, PABSON, Dang; Principal, Little Angel School, Ghorahi, Nepal
Mr Saroj Maharjan
Committee Member
Principal, Jesse's International Boarding Secondary School, Nepal